The Art of Distinguishing Genuine from Fake Rolex Submariner

Owning a genuine Rolex Submariner is a symbol of prestige and craftsmanship. However, as the demand for these luxury timepieces continues to grow, so does the market for high-quality fake Rolex Submariner watches. In this article, we will delve into the art of distinguishing genuine Rolex Submariners from their fake counterparts. Rolex Replica

  1. Study the Logo and Typography: Rolex is renowned for its attention to detail when it comes to logo design and typography. Genuine Submariners have a flawless crown logo on the dial, case, and clasp. The letters on the watch should be crisp, well-spaced, and properly aligned. Fake Rolex Submariners often have misspellings, blurry logos, or uneven fonts.
  2. Assess the Quality of the Cyclops Lens: The magnification lens on a genuine Rolex Submariner’s date window is pure sapphire crystal, offering exceptional clarity. fake Rolex Submariner models may use plastic lenses that distort the date or have a lower magnification power. Ensure that the date window is aligned with the Cyclops lens and that the magnification is correct.
  3. Examine the Rehaut and Serial Numbers: The rehaut, or the inner edge of the dial, is a crucial area to inspect. Genuine Rolex Submariners have intricately engraved rehauts, while fake Rolex Submariner may have shallow and poorly executed engravings. Additionally, genuine Submariners have a unique serial number engraved on the rehaut. Verify this number through Rolex’s database to confirm authenticity.

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